Who May Want A Property Condition Assessment?

28 October 2020
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In a broad sense, a property condition assessment (PCA) is like a home inspection for a commercial location. However, the process covers many more topics beyond the state of a structure, including concerns about parking spaces, landscaping, outlying buildings, and road access. You may wonder who would require the assistance of a property condition assessment consultant. Take a look at 6 typical clients and what they gain from assessments. Financial Institutions Read More 

3 Things To Ask A Small Business Consultant

27 August 2020
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When you own a smaller business, it can be intimidating to try to figure out the proper next steps you should take to grow your company. While working hard on your own to accomplish your goals is always a great idea, it is never a terrible idea to reach out for a second opinion. Here are three things you should ask your small business consultant, and how their answers can help. Read More 

How A Staffing Agency Can Help You Get A Job

28 April 2020
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If you are looking for a job, it can be a very long road. When you have bills piling up and you don't have paychecks coming in, you can fall further and further behind while you submit your resume to different companies and try to keep up with interviews. Much of your time may be wasted applying for companies that aren't even currently hiring, and your resume can end up being buried on the bottom of piles. Read More 

3 Compelling Reasons To Work With An ERP Consultant For Business Owners

7 September 2019
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If you own a business, there are many aspects you have to manage including accounting, training, and continued support. These processes fall under ERP (enterprise resource planning). If you're looking to master this important system, consider working with a consultant. They can help you in so many ways.  Recommend a Software Program An instrumental aspect of managing your company's ERP is choosing a software program. There are many programs available today, making it a little difficult to narrow down your options. Read More 

How To Select The Best Commercial Electricity Broker In Your Area

15 May 2019
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Do you have a commercial property that needs electricity? You may have plans to open a store inside the building or do something similar, and that means you are going to need to have plenty of lights both inside and outside of the property for your customers and employees. Having working electricity throughout the property is important because that is how you will keep the lights on, keep the registers working, and even use different appliances. Read More