3 Things To Ask A Small Business Consultant

27 August 2020
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When you own a smaller business, it can be intimidating to try to figure out the proper next steps you should take to grow your company. While working hard on your own to accomplish your goals is always a great idea, it is never a terrible idea to reach out for a second opinion. Here are three things you should ask your small business consultant, and how their answers can help.

1. "What Are Your First Impressions?"

First impressions count a lot, especially to new clients who may be working with your business. Unfortunately, it can become difficult to gain an objective opinion of your business, especially if you have owned and operated it for a while. 

One of the best things about working with a business consultant is the fact that they can come in, evaluate every aspect of your business, and give you their notes about their first impressions. From the way your entryway looks to the branding you have chosen, first impressions are important to analyze and may need to be tweaked to improve your company. 

2. "Is The Team In Line With Company Goals?"

The right team members can make a significant difference when it comes to creating the right company culture. However, all it takes is a few angry, disgruntled employees to change the environment inside your store, backroom, or manufacturing area. For instance, some people may not be working as hard as they should be, while others are picking up the slack. 

When you work with a consultant, talk with them about whether or not the team is completely in line with your company goals. Ask consultants to evaluate their productivity, ability to shift when changes are added, and overall attitude. Ask for recommendations if changes need to be made since a few bad employees can create a toxic environment. 

3. "How Is The Merchandising?"

Merchandising is crucial, especially in a retail setting. You need to know how to put items on sale, how to show them off, and where to place certain things to increase your overall cart totals. Talk with business consultants about what stands out to them when they come into your store and what ideas they have to increase your sales totals. 

When you are ready to start making some positive changes to your business, turn to a team in your area that is familiar with your industry, and talk with them about your goals. Ask which services they offer, when you should start working together, and how much the consultation will cost. By being prepared with the right questions, you can streamline the process.

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