Incorporating Aptitude Tests Into Your Hiring Strategy

2 June 2021
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Deciding to hire a job applicant can be a major investment for your business. In addition to the costs directly associated with hiring these individuals, there will also be costs involved with training them as well as the potential impacts that they can have on the culture of the enterprise. Due to these issues, it is imperative to thoroughly screen your potential job applicants to make sure that they will be a good addition to your staff.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Pre-Employment Aptitude Tests?

Having potential hires take a pre-employment aptitude test will be one of the more effective and convenient options for assessing their qualities for your business. These tests can measure a range of attributes that may include logic and reasoning along with social intelligence. Due to the wide range of possible attributes that can be assessed during these tests, it is worthwhile to spend some time speaking with your managers to determine the qualities that they consider the most important for their enterprise's culture and staffing needs.

Will There Be A Significant Delay In Getting The Results From Aptitude Tests?

A business may need to quickly fill the positions that have come open, and this can lead to management feeling pressured to settle on a new hire as quickly as possible. Pre-employment aptitude testing can often be completed on-site and it may provide the business with immediate results. This is possible due to the ability to administer these tests on workstations or other computers that can be easy to set up for these needs. If you are wanting to conduct these tests on-site, it is important for the testing area to be quiet so that the candidate will be able to fully focus on the tests. Otherwise, you may not get an accurate measure of their abilities.

Can Individuals Easily Fool Aptitude Tests?

The reliability of a pre-employment aptitude test can be a concern for some leaders as they may think that it will be easy for a person to trick these tests into giving them a better rating than they may deserve. In reality, this is extremely difficult to do as these tests are designed so that they will be able to detect when a person is attempting to game them or is otherwise answering the questions in an untruthful manner. These protections can allow you to have a better sense of confidence in the results of the aptitude tests that you give to your potential hires.