Book Tours & The Importance Of A Wardrobe Stylist

11 September 2023
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Whether you work for a publication or self-publish books, a book tour provides an ideal way to connect with fans, promote your book, and help increase sales. While the book content is important, you are also selling yourself and will want to make an impact on anyone who attends your events.

A consultation with a wardrobe stylist provides the first step in planning your book tour. Picking the proper outfits can make a big difference in the impact of your tour. A wardrobe stylist will not just toss you in anything fashionable. They will use your personality and preferences to really create a look that represents your true self.

Learn the importance of a wardrobe stylist and the positive impact they could make on a book tour.

Inspiration & Leadership

As an author, you are in a position of authority. You are the main representative of your book. Anyone who comes to your event will likely find a lot of inspiration and often see you as a leader in the literary world. The clothes you wear should match these same aspects. A wardrobe stylist can select outfits that showcase professionalism and elevate your status.

From head to toe, the stylist can select ideal outfits, accessories, and other details to make you look professional. When someone walks into the bookstore, library, or other area, they can spot you right away and understand your leadership simply based on the outfit you wear.

Comfort & Autograph Sessions

Some parts of your book tour may include autograph sessions. At an autograph session, you will likely sit for long periods of time while you sign books and interact with patrons. Not only do you want to look stylish, but you want to remain comfortable. A wardrobe stylist can help you select clothes and materials that will provide comfort.

The material will reduce sweat and not showcase sweat stains if they appear. A stylist will understand how long these appearances last for and ensure your comfort rises above the style as well.

Variety & Multiple Appearances

On a book tour, you will likely make multiple appearances across a span of several days. You want to have a similar style aesthetic while wearing different outfits for each appearance. Pictures and video footage may appear online. Showcasing a variety of styles can really help enhance the media and allow you to stand out while on the tour.

A stylist can plan outfits for each stop and base the outfits on the type of appearance you plan to make. A consultation is the first step of the process. For more information, contact a wardrobe stylist near you.